What we do

We educate young people and the general public on economic, social and political liberty by emphasizing public policies on the principles of rule of law, Individual rights, limited government, free market and Property rights

We assemble teams of experts to research the problems of the country and to offer policymakers, Media  constructive options for improvement

We arrange, organize and coordinate conference, seminars, workshop, outreach, dialogue, debates, training and forums concerning, that aim to promote liberty and human prosperity for the flourishing society.

We run and carry on a business of broadcasting and media to establish a research center, teaching center and other outreach centers for the advancement of liberal ideas and cultural development in collaboration with other learning institutions in other parts of the country and world at large.

We publish, issues and circulate gratuitously or otherwise reports periodicals, journals, books, pamphlets, leaflets, or other documents concerning the right to own property, free market, Limited government, rule of law, peace, and harmony.