Our grant opportunities are limited to professional civil society organizations only, and we are unable to award grants for independent research done by individuals. 

To be eligible for Liberty Sparks grant opportunities, your organization must share in our vision of a free, prosperous, and peaceful world where limited governments defend the rule of law, private property, and free markets. 


Applicants are permitted to submit up to three grants during the grant application cycle. Submitting more than one grant application does not guarantee funding nor does it increase the chances of approval.

There is no official limit for ongoing Liberty Sparks supported projects, however, it is rare for grantees to be approved for multiple grants. Approval decisions depend on the type of proposal, Liberty Sparks budgetary constraints, an applicant’s track record with previous grants, and the competitiveness of the grant program.


No, progress reports are not optional; they are required for all Liberty Sparks grantees.  Failure to provide sufficient progress reports on outstanding grants may result in ineligibility for future funding opportunities.