Liberty Sparks is a nonprofit Think Tank focused on promoting and improving individual understanding of economic, social and political liberty Operating in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. 




Kenya-Tanzania border friction highlights the need for structural solutions ahead of digitalization

Recurring Cross-Border Challenges An opinion editorial recently published by...

Statement: A Peaceful, Freer and Prosperous Africa can Defeat Coups- African Think Tanks

Africa’s rise has consistently been truncated by repressive governance,...

A Roadmap for Dispute Handling Among AfCFTA Member States

Nature of the AfCFTA and Dispute Resolution Trade prosperity...

Empowering African Content Creators in the AfCFTA Era: Nurturing Innovation and Income Generation

The untapped social circles The African Continental Free Trade...


Improved Economic Freedom Report 2022.

Introduction Fraser Institute report (2021), the index published in...

Starting Busines Report in Tanzania 2021-2022

Doing Business measures aspects of business regulation affecting small...

Liberty sparks yakutana tena na washiriki kikosi kazi

Mkurugenzi wa taasisi ya Liberty Sparks , ndugu Evans...

Trading Across Borders: Implications & Policy Recommendations in Tanzania 2022 report

Tanzania achieved a lower-middle-income economy status in July 2020,...

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Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC)
Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC)
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The guest of honour: Hon. Exaud Kigahe, Deputy Minister @ViwandaBiashara has officially launched The Cross Border Trade Report 2022 by @Liberty_Sparks : an educational and research institution which helps improve individual understanding of economic, social & political freedom.
Andrew Julian Mahiga
Andrew Julian Mahiga
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Earlier this week I participated at the launch of the ‘Trading Across Borders: Implications & Policy Recommendations in #Tanzania’ report by @Liberty_Sparks . Guest of Honor was Deputy Min. @ViwandaBiashara Hon. Exaud Kigahe. @tpsftz @TanzaniaCTI @tccia_official @TanzaniaWomen
Atlas Network
Atlas Network
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My fellow Africans: there is no exception to freedom. Once we compromise we have a very serious problem...With all the energy we have let's fight poverty, let’s fight for the dignity of poor Africans. - Evans Exaud, @Liberty_Sparks winner of the #AfricaLF21 Regional Liberty Award
Bastiat Society
Bastiat Society
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@aier 's Bastiat Society of Tanzania and @liberty_sparks recently hosted an event with Rejoice Ngwenya on the AFCFTA, which could lift 30 million people out of extreme poverty by 2035. Live in Tanzania? Join the chapter email list: