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Tanzania joins middle-income status ahead of schedule

The World Bank (WB) upgraded Tanzania’s country classification by income level from low income to lower-middle income in 2020-21. The WB assigns the...

Wafanyakazi 3,000 kiwanda cha vigae hatarini kupoteza ajira

By Halili Letea, Mwananchi Chalinze. Wafanyakazi zaidi ya 3,000 wa kiwanda cha vigae cha Keda (T) Ceramics Company limited, wapo hatarini kupoteza...

Maendeleo ya Watanzania yamerudi nyuma-Ripoti UNDP

Dar es Salaam. Ripoti ya Maendeleo ya Binadamu ya mwaka 2019 inaonyesha kwa ujumla maendeleo ya binadamu nchini kwa mwaka 2018 yalirudi nyuma kwa...

Dear Friend,

You might agree with me that to build strong leaders it takes one’s inner desire of going further, educating himself and push to achieve he desire. Our team have decided to support 10 new leaders in East and Sub Saharan Africa to become the champions of Liberty.

It is within our agenda to see more leader are getting to the level of standing themselves, defending and adopting Liberty as a life philosophy. I  encourage all young professional between the Age of 18-30 to participate in our essay competition. The top 10 winners who will be selected through a various stages and will be required to attend virtual Young Professional Colloquium with Dr Eamon Butler.

The top winning essay will be published to our media, other website, blogs and also published in the top local newsletter for the countries, including Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. We also have special packages for the top 10 winners, include special training and mentorship.

The top five winners will be announced and the top winner will be Awarded 300$ and the rest four will get 100$ each. Evans Exaud

CEO, Liberty Sparks

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COVID-19: Ajira na mustakabali wa makuzi ya kiuchumi

Imeandikwa na Na Peter Mbanga Mei Mosi, siku ya wafanyakazi duniani  ambayo mwezi uliopita ilisheherekewa kinyonge zaidi kuliko kipindi chochote kwa miaka ya hivi karibuni. Hii ni kutokana na gonjwa la COVID-19 lililoziweka kwenye maumivu sekta za ajira, biashara na...

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Doing Business 2020- Tanzania

Overview Doing Business 2020, a World Bank Group flagship publication is the 17th in a series of annual studies measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business...

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By Jeremiah Wandili. Ukisubiri upate Mtaji wa rasilimali fedha, ndipo uanze kufanya Biashara basi unaweza kuchelewa sana au kutofanya Biashara kabisa. Biashara nyingi sio mpya, nyingi ni mwendelezo wa biashara zilizoanzishwa (kwa lugha nyepesi za urithi). Kwa sababu...

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