About Free Market Great Debate.

The Free Market Great Debate is the first ever libertarian contest in Tanzania, designed to input free-market ideas to University students and give them a unique opportunity to argue various issues and views around the theme of “morality of capitalism” based on the book published by Atlas Network. Arguments shall be on the relationship between the morality of capitalism and the current situation in Tanzania society. The main objective of this program is: To help students to understand Capitalism, in social, economic, cultural and legal spheres with reflection of what is currently issues existing in our contemporary society and also, arguing with deep knowledge of the positive and negative patterns that contradicts with the principles of free society: The debate will also help in developing critical thinking capability in finding solutions for the currently existing problems in the society that covers all spheres of life: and last deepen competitiveness and audience’s understanding on the principles of free society and therefore making them ambassadors of change in the community by promoting Liberty agenda. Moreover, the program will shape the university students minds as they are expected to be great future leaders with the best knowledge of the good society construction covering economic, political, social, cultural and legal patterns.  Participating students will be given the book of “The Morality of capitalism” Edited by Dr. Tom Palmer. This will make them more equipped with knowledge not only for competition but also they will be ambassadors to other young people and the society as a whole in imparting knowledge and advocating for a better foundation of free society.

Overview of The program

The debate will be organized into three levels which are local level (campus level), Regional level and National level.  The national level competitions will provide three finalists for the final round. At the local level (Campus-level) the participating universities will provide one team to represent at the regional level.  The national level will involve champions from each region. At this level, the debaters will not compete on the regional or university teams but they will be arranged in new teams (this is for discouraging regionalism and promote nationalism toward ideas spreading). The new teams will compete to provide four teams for final.

For more detail, please contact: Dickson Kigora ,+255 769 440 062,mail;info@libertysparks.org.