Join us at Uhuru Con, the largest gathering of Ideas that will involve students from various colleges across Africa, students who are interested in bringing positive changes and leadership to interact with speakers from various think tanks. Participants will have opportunity to learn and discuss various topics related to entrepreneurship, free enterprises, employment and prosperity in Africa.  Being part of #UHURUCON2019 offers the opportunity to share amazing experience, energy, viewpoints, ideas, success stories, dynamic and life-changing career opportunities as a young professionals. Uhuru  Con 2019 aim to unlock and expose youth to take part in entrepreneurship and join the Cheetahs generation, the generation of leaders who are ready to promote free enterprises for prosperity.

More specifically, 2019 UHURU Con will cover issues concerning entrepreneurship,  Free enterprises, employment and leadership as among the most critical and biggest challenges in the African region, and how young individuals can make a difference in today’s world. Issues that range from youth Easy of doing a trade; the missing link in Tanzania entrepreneurship, free enterprises and Leadership tolerance. Participants will learn a great deal and have their views challenged on these subject matters.

After the Conference we expect the students to be empowered and be able to make informed decisions on starting businesses and working on their ideas and ambitious progress. The Conference will be conducted on 28 June 2019 at Keby’S Hotel. The conference will involve a series of presentation that carries serious topics from various speakers, based on the following topics Youth leadership, Free enterprises, Poverty alleviation and engagement to entrepreneurship. The Conference will start on 09:00 am -04:00 pm. UHURU Con aims to provide knowledge and understanding of the essence of Youth involvement in business and bills making activities as an issue connected to their daily lives.

All participants will be provided with materials like books, CD’s that advocate for free enterprises, lunch and certificates. We will accommodate a minimum of 200 participants from Africa.

And also to mention the huge networking at our conference! At #UHURUCon2019, you’ll get to meet and interact one-on-one with Prof Brian, Professor from Regent University, United State Mr. Rejoice Ngwenya –a Journalist and CEO of a Think Tank called COMALISO from Zimbabwe, Erick Crispin, –Founder and Director of True Maisha, Dr. Nelsen Amar –Director of Policy and Educational program at Liberty; MC. Luvanda among a host of others. So come prepared to exchange contacts and make new friends!

On a social side, for first time travelers to Tanzania, this will be an opportunity to have a view of the beautiful city, and visit fascinating places such as the Coco beach and the National Museum; Askari monuments, Mbudya & Zanzibar island, White Sand Beach, Bagamoyo historical sites, Art &cultural gallery and also enjoy the coastal cuisine of Tanzania. And also add to the free meals, and drinks at the Conference!

You don’t want to miss all of this exciting stuff! Join us on Friday, June 28 Kebby’S Hotel conference hall, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for a memorable and life-changing experience!

To attend Register Here: UHURU CON 2019

Visa Information to enter the United Republic of Tanzania

Visa information: For first-time travelers to Tanzania, visit –  for visa information to enter the United Republic of Tanzania.

Invitation Letter: If you need invitation letter for your travel to Tanzania, email: Dickson Kigora –

Arrival in Tanzania:

Soon as you arrive the United Republic of Tanzania, contact any of the following for any assistance Call or email:

  1. Dickson Kigora on +255 769 440 062 (
  2. Wilfred Nyangeon +255 717 911 119 ( )

Directions: How to get to the conference venue

The conference shall be held at the Kebby’S Hotel Conference, Dar es Salaam.

From Makumbusho Bus stop, if you are using public transport, please take a bus going to Mwenge, then drop Bamaga Kebby’S is on the left side and if you coming from tegeta or ubungo drop bamaga and take few steps as your going back  after a 3 minute walk steps and Kebby’s is on the left side. Kebbys is visible from the main entrance and the security officials will direct you to the venue.

Participants are however required to make arrangements for their transport and accommodation. However you can reach out to Wilfred Nyange +255 757 540 060 ( for easy arrangements and affordable accommodation.

The Conference Program

The conference is absolutely FREE, and attendance comes with refreshments, lunch. Tea shall also be provided during the day and certificates for attendees.

Registration and tagging of participants shall commence from 8:00am. Refreshments shall be provided during the day including tea for early birds. The presentations, discussions at the conference begin 9:00am.

Dress Code:

The dress code for the conference is business casual. For those coming from outside Tanzania, the weather is stable by June.

Safe travels, and see you soon!

Speakers and Panelist

Prof. Brian Baugus | Mr Rejoice Ngwenya | Mr Antony Luvanda | Dr Nelsen Amar. |Mr Adedayo Thomas | Mr Zakayo Wangwe |Mr Evans Exaud | Mr Eric Crispine |

Host: Jocelyn Lee | John Nyawanda. | Dickson Kigora | Baraka Kato |

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