Join 30 young leaders from Africa at Jamirex Hotel on young scholars colloquium, that focusing to give education and information on social entrepreneurship, free enterprises, and discuss in depth philosophical question and challenges encountered in Africa that affects development. There will be pre-reading materials to be shared and discussed before the colloquium. The program covers meals and accommodation for selected participants in both two days, also the participant will have access to Uhuru conference and Business gala dinner held at Kebby’s Hotel.

The two days sessions will be lead by Prof. Brian Baugus from regent university and supported by Dr.Nelsen Amar, Director of education and academic Liberty Sparks. The participants will also be able to meet and have face to face conversation with CEO and leaders from across Africa like Adedayo Thomas from Nigeria, Aimable Manirakiza from Burundi, Mugabi Socrate John from and Iga Leonard from Uganda, Shadrack Abala and Musila Muoki from Kenya, Isack Danford from Tanzania, Zakayo Wangwe and others.
Participants will also get 60 seconds to pitch their business ideas and request possible support during the dinner gala at Kebby’S Hotel. This is a possible chance for you to get supporters for your idea. A winner of the pitch will receive an award of 100$ to register the business, free space for a year at liberty sparks and connected with liberty sparks supporters across the world for consultation and possible support.

Please Click Here To Apply: The Young Scholars Colloquium

Here are the list of books and articles to be sent:-Foundation of a free society by Eamon Butler; The law by Bastias ;Is Africa leading the innovation revolution-World Economic forum; Rosenberg Innovation and Economic Growth; The tradition of Spontaneous Order-A Bibliographical essay by Norman ; Bastiast_selected Essay, Chapter 5, The State_Library of Economics and Liberty.

Learning will be one part but what about networking and one-on-one conversation with Prof Brian, Professor from Regent University, Rejoice Ngwenya a Journalist and COMALISO CEO from Zimbabwe, Dr.Nelsen Amar, Director of Policy and Educational program at Liberty; Antony Luvanda and among others. So come prepared to exchange contacts and make new friends!

On a social side of it, for first time travellers to Tanzania, it will be an opportunity to have a view of the beautiful city, and visit fascinating places such as the Coco beach and the National Museum; Askari monuments, Mbudya & Zanzibar island, White Sand Beach, Bagamoyo historical sites, Art &cultural gallery and also enjoy the coastal cuisine of Tanzania. And also add to the free meals, drinks, accommodation at the training! During the night you will get a chance to have dinner at Istanbul one of the big restaurants at Mlimani City. 

You don’t want to miss all of this exciting stuff! Join us on, June 26-27 Jamirex Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for a memorable and life-changing experience!

Visa Information to enter the United Republic of Tanzania

Visa information: For first-time travellers to Tanzania, visit –  for visa information to enter the United Republic of Tanzania.

Invitation Letter: If you need an invitation letter for your travel to Tanzania, email: Dickson Kigora –

Arrival in Tanzania:

Soon as you arrive the United Republic of Tanzania, contact any of the following for any assistance Call or email:

  1. Dickson Kigora on +255 769 440 062 (
  2. Wilfred Nyange on +255 717 911 119 ( )

Directions: How to get to the Training venue

The conference shall be held at the Jamirex Hotel Mwenge, Dar es Salaam.

From Makumbusho Bus stop, if you are using public transport, please take a bus going to ubungo, then drop Mpakani Jamirex then take steps back like your going to mwenge,then  you will only tall building on your right side and if you coming from Ubungo drop Mpakani and take few steps as your going forward  after 10 minute walk steps and Jamirex is on the right side. Don’t hesitate to ask, Tanzanians are polite and likely to support you reach your destination.

Participants are however required to make arrangements for their transport. However, you can reach out to Wilfred Nyange +255 757 540 060 ( for easy arrangements and affordable transport from Airport or you can call direct Noel is a professional driver and he will take you to Jamirex +255 713 034 339.




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