Welcome to LS Webinar Series.

 Welcome and join us on our online virtual webinar series with world class speakers, sharing proffersional overview on matter rellating to economy,politic and social issue that affect our countries policies.

COVID-19 and Countries Response

The webinar brings together individuals in the Libertarian movement from East Africa and beyond to recount in their personal experience on how their lives have been affected as well as those of those around them. The webinar also brings in to focus the thoughts of the...

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COVID-19 The Growing State Power

COVID-19 has forced Government to put Citizen in lockdown, quarantine or curfew. These Lockdown has created one of the most complex communities around the globe, strange life in Africa like in the big brother house in South Africa, many citizens were forced to...

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Covid-19 At Stage Two in Africa

#COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing crisis that has had immense social and psychological effects. The number of cases in Africa is currently a serious threat to the continent. Before people who were confirmed with the positive results of virus tests were...

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COVID-19 and Business Impact; Now What? Session I

#WezeshaBiashara In as much as the COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on people's health, it is also significantly impacting businesses and economies across East Africa. Join Us to a Zoom webinar: COVID-19 and Business Impact; Now What? When: Jul 10, 2020...

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