New Entrepreneurship Training 2nd Cohort 2020

Online Training (Certificate, FREE)

Online entrepreneurship training is an intensive SIX-WEEK program designed to equip anyone/entrepreneurs at any stage of idea or product, with training that cover leaders with a comprehensive understanding of Market and How it Works, how to generating ideas For Your business, accounting & finance, how to sustaining your business, customer service & sales, and developing a business plan. The program has been created to help in adding value to and build sustainable high performing business: You can also finish the training in two days or one week depend with effort, time and energy. The program is designed and supported by Regent University, Enactus, Liberty Sparks, ILAPI, ALED and Because of International.

When: Available
Where: Online

Application Deadline: To be able to start the course, just register and start.
Cost: Thanks to our partners Regent University and Prof. Brian the training is free to everyone.

Award: After the training, you will receive a certificate of participation, you only need to submit all assignment to our instructor for review.(

Who will benefit from this course?
• Anyone with an idea.
• Startups
• Ongoing business leaders.

During the training, you will learn to:

Power of the Market and How it Works
• The Power of the Market & How It Works
• The Moral Foundations of the Free Market
• The Price System: What it Does and How it Works
• The Role of the Entrepreneur
• The Problems with Government Help

Generating Ideas For Your Business
• Brainstorming and Mind Mapping
• How to Brainstorm
• Evaluating Your Business Ideas
• Present Your Business Ideas

Accounting & Finance
• Introduction to Accounting
• Credits and Debits
• Income Statement and Balance Sheets
• Transactions, Ratios, and Analysis

Sustaining Your Business
• Planning for Long-Term Sustainability
• Understanding Business Sustainability
• Sustainability Evaluation

Customer Service & Sales
• Sales and Marketing
• Elevator Pitches
• Customer Service
• Improving Customer Service
• Customer Service Tips

Developing a business plan

You’ll leave this training with:

• Certificate
• In-depth insight into your idea.
• Understanding of best practices to build a business.
• A strategic plan to help you focus on your idea.
• A chance to become a program instructor.
• Further training with the pursuit Incubator and opportunity to request funding to help with your product. The funding will be given as a zero-interest loan and repayment will be designed on a case by case basis.




July 10 – November 10, 2020

(Certificate, FREE, Zero Interest Loans)

People Attended

“Good training, well organized, please keep supporting this program because it helps us a lot to understand about business growth”

Mariam Mlondoko


Important Details.

  • Enroll for the training and complete all modules from week 1 to the week 6-7
  • Complete all Quizzes (Make sure you mark ‘receive a copy of your quiz’ through your email and forward your marked copy from your email to
  • Dig deep and learn every detail for your knowledge.
  • Completed and you need your Certificate? Well here is, one more thing if you had a business before enrolling, prepare a summary of a business plan on how are you going to improve your current business or start a new business plan. OR If you didn’t have any business, prepare a summary of a business plan for your new business. (Submit a summary of a business plan to
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