Liberty Sparks believe when people are given the chance to live in freedom, dignity and with help of market, they are able to live a life that contributes to the prosperous society.

We know what it feels and the result of being denied rights, to property, rights to life, rights to exchange and not protected by the Law.

Today, Liberty Sparks, under the ideas program for the emerging leaders gives a unique opportunity for emerging leaders to learn a moral concept of right, influence and support people understanding in classical liberal ideas. Together, we’re guided by a shared belief that all human have a right to life, property, trade and protection so that can live with dignity.


IDEAS it’s one of Liberty Sparks Leadership Academy program to the young generation. The first Unique youth network of students and young professionals as emerging leaders in their 10s, the 20s and 30s who share a passion for leadership in promoting a freer and prosperous society in the developing world. IDEAS Seek to educate and develop new leaders who understood the principles of the free society and engage young professionals through benevolence, clubs and events.

IDEAS is becoming the first youth and professionals network of leaders who meet voluntarily for learning, have fun and discuss solutions that will change society. Its founding is to inspire many young people to take part and become leaders in all sphere of our society.

IDEA believe it’s crucial for young people to observe, listen and respond to the current realities in the world with the right minds. Their opinions and ideas are important and should be taken seriously but there should be meaningful. The program contributes to fundamental changes among young people, reflected in the equal, fair and just distribution of power, knowledge, capital and an environmentally and human-friendly sound way of producing. It focuses on bringing Liberty and prosperity as a life philosophy to young audiences, striving to bring about a world in which the economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society are familiar and credible to the rising generation.

The program produces life-changing student reading clubs, seminars, free courses, engaging classroom resources, and enlightening classic and contemporary content available at Ls, partners and on social media. The project has a special team of 10 people managed by enthusiastic young people between the age of 14 and 30 years on a voluntary basis.

The team members meet on a monthly basis. At this meeting, they discuss all activities conducted in a month and rates leaders works. The most leader that demonstrate skills more than others will be awarded and branded as a leader of the month.


The project is supported solely by contributions from members, individuals, private foundations, businesses, and by doing community work. We will never accept government funding. Donate or send email to


Join our program by registering to the program and search for the club near you, or you can start your own chapter by sending email to A chapter can have a minimum number of 5 people and a maximum of 50.

Download our handbook here.

Download our guideline to events here.

Download a beginner guide to Liberty here.

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