How do we restore the common good? Alternatively, better placed, is the strive for achieving the common good necessary? The African society has seen an increasing distrust in government institutions as well as in corporate organizations to do the right thing as compared to when most nations gained independence. Number of things were discussed HERE .

Mistrust in existing systems continues to grow as to many leaders in business and politics have been willing to do anything to make more money or to gain more power – regardless of the consequences for our society. While our believe in the government existing to work for the people maybe flowed, we have economic inequality which has widened, the moneyed interests have spent more and more of their ever-expanding wealth to their own advantage.

Individualism and capitalism are two notions that have been associated with pushing today’s society while libertarians continue to push for the two ideologies.

In this webinar session, we examined the context of the common good and the possibility of returning to the common good, if necessary, in a society that is divided. We examined the two concepts of individualism and capitalism which have been faulted for the erosion of the common good. Thirdly, we also examined the morality of the three concepts and chat the way forward.

See the whole recorded session HERE

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