COVID-19 has forced Government to put Citizen in lockdown, quarantine or curfew. These Lockdown has created one of the most complex communities around the globe, strange life in Africa like in the big brother house in South Africa, many citizens were forced to Unemployment unprepared with less employment benefit while and total power remains on the hands of Government with excessive power usage.


Liberty Sparks is hosting a webinar on 15th of May covering issues relating to a pandemic , the growing State power in Africa and the outcome. Rejoice Ngwenya is from Zimbabwe, Journalist and CEO of COMALISO one of the vibrant think tank in Zimbabwe. Musila Muoki will be hosting the webinar to include participant from different part of the world. The details of the event are as follows:


About: COMALISO is to have a Zimbabwe that respects, adopts, and implement innovative ideas that strengthen the free market economy, respect for private property rights, and constitutionalism – ultimately entrenching responsible capitalism.

Rejoice Ngwenya

Rejoice Ngwenya

Executive Director

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by Rejoice Ngwenya | COVID-19 State Growing Power

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