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Many have been written about the end of capitalism and so on, but when I look around I can only see a system which flourishes and become stronger even more and more. History tells us that at least once in our lifetime the two systems (Socialism and Capitalism) were in stiff competition to destroy each other and we all know what happened thereafter. There are very few socialist societies in today’s world compared to decades ago and even the existing ones who claim to be socialists have gone through a dramatical evolution to the extent that one can not explain unequivocally whether they are pure socialists or capitalists, of course, most of the answers claims to the mixed economies.

What I have learned is that people reject the historical evils made in the name of capitalism (slavery & colonialism) but not capitalism itself (ideas & its principles). This can easily be evident when others are in favour of the free and fair election, human rights, rule of law, freedom of owning property, individual prosperity and free market while completely rejecting the term capitalism. This isn’t bad at all it only makes it easier to understand why capitalism is essential and its principles are widely accepted even where the term itself is being rejected. It also reminds us that ordinary people don’t care much about “labels” which somehow are politically manipulated, people care much about what helps them to bring out the best out in their lives.

Freedom and prosperity have proved to be what people needing the most. People want to be free in so many aspects and be able to live the life of their dreams regardless it is capitalism or socialism will offer them that but the later has proved failure to deliver that already. People want to prosper inside out, spiritually and materially as well, it doesn’t matter whether it comes from capitalism or socialism; again the later has failed expectations of many.

The reason why capitalism is so vibrant is due to its ability to provide freedom and prosperity to the people. Countries may choose any kind of social-political system or even coining a new one which has never existed in this world before but political leaders must understand that it’s no longer about “sides and ideologies” rather the capabilities of the entire system to save the people’s needs. People want only things which work out to solve their life’s problems if something doesn’t then it won’t last that long before the system and the whole country starting to crumble.

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