Liberty Sparks conduct different outreaches, debates, seminars, workshops and training concerning entrepreneurship and also inflicting the idea of free market. Currently, the organization focus on number one goal of sustainable development as its campaign, called  ‘NO POVERTY’ campaign which aims at reducing poverty level among the people in Tanzania.

The organization Current reaches out by conducting entrepreneurship training as one of its strategies in preparing youth to fight against poverty. We believe that among the things that people can do to eliminate poverty is for them to engage in business as its core activity so that they can develop and save God purpose which is saving others. The training we’re hosting is a continues training each Saturday of the week and we’re training one category each week, so as to create a better understanding of the entrepreneurship skills. We have already conducted two training so far and many more to come. However, the training is also available on our website for everyone to access either in the country or outside the country. Our plans are not only training these people but also helping them to create a strategic plan for their business as a tool for success. We are also happy to make them understand the importance of registering their business as most of them operate informally so that they can be connected to the global market.

On day one the participants get to learn about Free Market as a system, in oppose to command system, where the Executive Director of Liberty Sparks, Mr Evans Exaud explained the importance of Market  system and especially a free market  and how it can change selfish people to salve other, and on day two we trained on the price system and how it connected to the growth of business or kill our business. It was a two hours training in both days with a short break and we were happy to get  participants who came from the different background. The training provided the trainees with the necessary materials for clear understanding through a series of presentation and videos.

It is our aim to equipping people with the knowledge of what makes a successful and how markets work. During the training session, the facilitator discussed the existence of two systems currently which are command and market system.  The participants agreed together on the market system as the best system for prosperity as we continue.  They also agree that with Market system, Knowledge is the unique factor, and they dive deeper and get to learn about Adam Smith essentials for one to succeed in the market system which is trust, private property,  Legal system, a division of Labor and specialization.

The training ended with an assignment and provision of CDs which contain 100 books that were provided for free for future learning. We invite all people to come and participate in our training and many other of our events for learning.

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