In its efforts of achieving individual, social and national liberty, our organization has been continuing to support the efforts made by young, talented and ambitious colleges and universities students who are very keen to learn about economic freedom through debates events which are being conducted in their school.

So far, Liberty sparks have supported such activities in different colleges and universities of Dodoma, Dar es Salaam and recently in Arusha. At the end of January, three colleges in Arusha managed to get their representatives who will go to the regional debate event which will include a number of different speakers from different institutions.

While the word capitalism is so common, the morality of capitalism seems to be a little bit problematic among so many people including youths. These debates are focussing in raising points of discussions which motivative young people to thoroughly thinking about what capitalism exactly is and to what extent can it be termed as an evil system in relation to so many current realities drawn from different aspects of life.

Paying attention to where we are from, Tanzania now is on a major shift towards a certain type of social, economic, political, cultural and legal system which definitely isn’t a socialist either; but what exactly the type of system we are holding right now? and which direction should we head to in case we are in a transformation period? 

These are just very few basic important issues which have been raised by young speakers during almost all debates events which shows how do they care about the prosperity of the whole country. As we are going to conduct a very inclusive debate at the regional level, we are expecting to get different answers and opinion in regards to the morality of capitalism itself and where should we go from here.

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