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Liberty Sparks strives to steer up activism and vitality among young people, to inflict the idea of liberalism and its importance for the economic and individual flourishing and bring country reforms by exploiting transition period that country is going through under new leadership, growing number of young people desire for self-employment, policy makers demand for researched documents, media and citizens desire of professional information, to provide alternative to policy change and be the Hub that will import free market ideas and  promote competition for the friendliest climate for business freedom ,individual rights ,accountability and transparent, Hopefully, current situation will propel the country into a free-market practice like that practices by other developed flourishing states.

Strategic Events & Campaign.

Liberty Conference

A conference is an authentic simulation of the Liberty Sparks tools to reach out to people and bring them together, for learning and sharing experience each year.

Liberty Forum

Liberty Forum is high-level meeting that brings together people of different level across the country, include the business people, students, journalist, and politicians, where issues like free trade are discussed.


Liberty Sparks translate into Swahili works of the renowned libertarian author of various part of the world, publish and distribute them in the country.This books and CD,s are provided for free in our events.

Liberty, leadership and Entrepreneurship Trainings

To foster understanding in the works of free-market idea’s founders and thinkers we hold a Special training session on such works as The Law, Economic, and politics in various universities in the country.

Sparks Nights

We Organize Monthly gatherings of libertarians to watch movies with a ringing message of liberty and the Singing of Revolution.

Radio and TV Shows

We participate and posting on various media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other local channels like radio and TV, and raise awareness to the citizens about the free market.

Our Means of Archievements

Educating young people and the public on economic, social and political liberty by emphasizing on public policies and principles of rule of law, Individual rights, limited government, free market and Property rights.

We assembling teams of experts to conduct research and offer policymakers and Media constructive options for a better overall improvement of the problems in the country.

We arranging, organize and coordinate events that promoting, free market and human prosperity for the flourishing society.

We publishing, issues and circulate gratuitously reports periodicals, journals, books that concerning  with right to own property, free market, Limited government, rule of law,peace and harmony.

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